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Operations are our foundation

AeroEye is the premium drone operations company in Central America. Our founders took their experience with US Special Forces around the world and applied it to unmanned aviation. We are one of only five drone companies in Guatemala with an operating certificate from DGAC. We have the most highly-trained pilots and the most advanced fleet of aircraft in the region. Don't leave yourself in the hands of amateurs.

Our operations are organized into five categories:

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The use of drones to collect and share information to support decision making.

Important for supporting ground units such as firefighters, police, disaster responders, etc. Improve your planning and lower your risks.



The use of drones to measure size, temperature, or other physical characteristics.

Interpretive or metric photogrammetry (LIDAR); change detection; infrastructure inspection; and more.

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The use of drones for logistics.

-Coming soon-

Save time and money by sending important cargo by air. 

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The use of drones to protect people, equipment, or facilities.

Lower your risk, response time, and security team size. Monitor crowds and large facilities; automate your patrols, and stay informed with real-time information.

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The use of drones to affect the environment. 

Agricultural fumigation


Wash surfaces

Fire fighting

Communications re-transmission



Each counter-drone situation requires specialized equipment and tactics. Detection, classification, location, and intervention are all factors in effective counter-drone response.

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